Francisco Morandé Ruiz-Tagle


Francisco Morandé - Arquitecto - Biografía

Francisco Morandé Ruiz-Tagle, architect, University of Viña del Mar, has been working as an architect since 1996. In 1998 he moved to live and work on the large island of Chiloé, specifically in the Pumalín Park project (current National Park) , along with ecologist Douglas R. Tompkins, with whom he worked closely until 2015.

In 2001 he settled in the city of Puerto Varas, where he established his workshop-office, and began to work in a private way with the Tompkins Conservation Foundation.

Starting in 2005, together with Tompkins himself, he worked on the design for the infrastructure of what is today the Patagonia National Park, in the Aysén region, and in parallel with other private projects.

In total, today there are more than 25 thousand square meters designed, mainly for homes, restaurants, visitor centers, schools, offices, lodges, among other types of facilities; in addition to carrying out various master plans and projects for land use planning.

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